Info Edit

The quad block is a bit weak, being the 3rd weakest, it only comes in two colors

Trivia & Facts Edit

Green Version Edit

  • It is the block that you see in the game to get more blocks
  • It also is the block that appears to get your ship rebuild
  • This is the only block with 4 green squares
  • This block was going to be the block logo for the block category, but was instead the Basic Block

Blue Version Edit

  • This Block used to have a glitch in Ver17, where it would appear green on there screen if on another persons tank, this was fixed in Ver17.5
  • It is the only block with 4 blue squares
  • It is the block that Guns appear on

Both Edit

  • (This might not be true) It was going to be a straight plus, with the squares being the same size

Good for Edit

Looking like a block (although they still will attack you do to the fact that they need more blocks)

Bad for Edit

Currently Nothing

Colors Edit

Light Grey, Grey, Green & Dark Blue

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